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The Perfect Storm.

Raped by priests. Sent to Vietnam. Trained locksmith. Security guard.

Crime scene cleaner. A night shift taxi driver.

He played the police like a cat playing with a ball of string.


These stories are told by his son, the man who drove the car while Sharon kicked in the boot.

These are not all of his murders; the numbers are not the real story.

He would brazenly murder if he felt safe to do so, with the mental state he was in it started with a twitch.

We have a small group of volunteers helping me launch this podcast series, hopefully we will then be able to organise seminars and answers any questions the listeners have. The episodes are priced low and have no ads in them. The first 3 episodes including the intro episode will be free and available for free to download from iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Google Play or our website

From episode 4 all pods will be priced at US$2 or you can buy the series for US$20 to help us recover some of the costs that have been incurred. All the episodes from episode 4 will only be available from our website only and not available from any other platform including Podbean, iTunes, Spotify or Google play . We would appreciate your support by buying the pods directly from this website You can also support us if you wish buy giving a small donation to help us at support us.

Some of the names in this podcast series have been change. Their real identities have been passed onto the Queensland police for investigation. But we need your help in reactivating the cold cases that have been talked about in this pod series. So after listening to the pods if you think these people deserve justice please email us on or contact the Australian Prime Minster  at or the Premier of Queensland  or Your local government member or the Queensland police  1800 333 000 or your local radio station, local newspaper or your favourite social media platform e.g. Facebook to talk about these pods. If you know anything about any of these episodes, including being involved in anyway and want to help us or put your point view across please email us on We will respond to your emails and if you wish your identity will be kept a secret.


From the Evil Gingerbread man team

Episode 1: Introduction

In this pod I outline the history of my father events.

This intro pod is free, download it please share it with your friends and email us your thoughts.

If you decide to listen to our pod series please listen to all the pods in sequence and possibly multiple times per pod to get all the information so the further pods make sense which they may not.

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Episode 2: The Early Years

Car bombing, the locksmith, the Milton pretty girl.

Exclusive bonus content:

  • Photographs
  • Police Report